1700 MUSTANG DR #103


     MARBLE FALLS 78654








HARDWARE                 Sony laptops, Dell Servers Dell PCs, Compaq Servers PCs laptops, IBM PCs & Compatibles, HP Workstation & Enterprise printers, Gateway PCs, routers, hubs, bridges, switches, LAN/WAN, ISDN Cisco, 3Com, Bay Networks


SOFTWARE                  MS Office 2007, 95, 97, XP, Implemented Fax Gate, Code/two, Lotus Notes config and Troubleshooting Rumba, OPEN VMS, SNMP, MS Exchange, MS Proxy Server, MS SNA Server, MS SQL Server, MS SMS Server, MS Site Server, GroupWise, NetBEUI, TCP/IP, DLC, Clarify software implementation Veritas NetBackup Continuous Speech Recognition


OS                               Windows 10, Windows 8.1 touch screen, Windows 7 XP pro, Vista pro, Av server2008, Windows 7 Config, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 95/98, Exchange Server Admin 5.5, Exchange 2000 Server Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Professional, IIS 5.0 IIS 6.0 Unix true64.



APPLICATIONS            Digital Photography, Microsoft Office, Power Point 1998-2007, Front Page Design, Windows Movie Maker, Sound Editing Software, Setting up Graphics for Fonts/Paring for printing large posters/banners etc.



OTHER                         Bi-lingual: Spanish


Audio Visual Experience with PA Systems:

Set up of AV projectors- LCD’s for speakers/seminars

Copy work with Video equipment, i.e. VHS to VHS/DVD familiar with use of RCA jacks for in/out transfer of media

Llight box setups for imaging small subjects such as jewelry/small items and bookwork copies for high detail images for promotional/production.

I also have experience with video equipment and have used various camcorders to document occasions, among those I have used are Sony, JVC and RCA.




Microsoft Certified Engineer NT-351

A.S.E. 1991    

                  IIS 6.0 Sharepoint Administrator

       Win 2000 Certified April 27 2002

 Deploying 2000 Professional   

       Windows 2003 Active Directory course Certification

 Win 2000 course 1594 - Installing 2000 Server

       NT 4.0 Server Certification

       Networking Essentials Certification

        Microsoft Certified Engineer (  MCSA ) IN PROGRESS 



1999-PRESENT           I self-contract jobs in photography in many PR situations around Marble Falls and for the state of Texas and have been published in media such as the Sunday Tribune, The Picayune, Highland Lakes Weekly, Houston Chronicle and Magazines to include La Vita, Houston Style, and the Houston Press. These photo shoots have included activities from parties, PR events, work for lawyers to churches and weddings. I have photographed large and small groups in many settings, for example, Choirs and Dance groups. I am very diverse and deal well with all ages and classes of people in both public and or private settings. I have produced and command my own personal website which I created with Front Page Design. Some examples of my photography work can be found on the web at the URL address below:


I am capable of producing large presentation slideshows in power point for training or documentation purposes, in addition to compiling files to a  movie in Window Movie Maker by using the time line to drop and drag files and add transitions to make a neat and concise fluently flowing product. Also, I can provide you data on CD/DVD/VHS according to your needs to include framing static images for a final product.




PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                                                                            1/1996    8 /2015

Dell Austin Texas

        Finecoat Systems



            Consultant for the following companies:                                                                            



Information Security IT Specialist, FLETC                  



  Ensuring the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles and  practices in the delivery of all IT services Promoting awareness of security issues among management  and ensuring sound security principles are reflected in organizations’ visions and goals.

Access Administration,  rework incoming access requests.

Participating in network and systems design to ensure implementation of appropriate systems security policies

Conducting systems security evaluations, audits, and reviews

Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments of planned and installed information systems to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and protection needs

Assessing security events to determine impact and implementing corrective actions








            Office and all network consolidation from three different locations.

Network Support of users with Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP, Office 9x/2K/XP, and Tier 3 applications Manage  tickets assigned by the team lead , including updating team with status updates and problem-resolutions on a daily basis. Configuration and troubleshooting of servers Symantec Antivirus, Norton Ghost, Server setup w2k IIS 5.0 build web servers IIS 5.0 setup web pages, VPN Nortel Installs

Project Implementation of Windows 2000 Active Directory for merged company

Environment: NT 2000, Office 2000 and Office XP, IBM and Compaq servers, laptops and desktop’s

Responsibly: for 3-tier end-user support for 150 users based in Houston, at new office location.





WELLSFARGO / TAC WORLD WIDE                                                                            

As a LAN support Analyst server and desktop Banking process apps.

Support banking Lan OU 12 Servers 50 Desktop, Windows XP- 2000 OS-2,  UNIX

Daily tape rotations on all servers Unix DLT Tape drive ALT-5000 Mini-library.

Modified and create backup jobs on Veritas-NetBackup IBM server.


User data updates core Apps upgrade. Data moves



EXXONMOBIL / RCG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                                          


As a support Analyst Troubleshooter of network systems

Rollout of new dell systems Install all apps

Network config, update AD and system with Symantec





             Perspective Solutions Group / KBR                                                                                  


             Responsibilities of this position included Data moves to new san using Robocopy.

Migrated 2.2 terabytes of data

            Migration of all old Win-NT server data to new systems or archived.



                Responsibilities of this position included installation, desktops                                                                                                                                                                                                

                Devon Energy, HP/Compaq Computers, Shell Services

            Anadarko Energy                                                                                                                 

Advanced network support Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Project 2000,Visio 2000, Adobe Acrobat 5.0, ghost, WinZip 8.1. Reworked DFS on old servers to new SAN.

Migration of legacy Energy data (44+) servers into the new AD Forest.

Included NTFS permissions, SQL permissions, Workstation & Server Machine Account migration as well as

Cross-domain permissions during the transition. Server support and desktop network support.

Mergers between small to large companies, Compaq Insight Manager 4.9 monitoring Care and physical control of 26 servers’. Plan redesign data center equipment. Continuous monitoring of server status

HP Open view Open VMS, Omni-Back support CMD line.

Daily tape rotation on all servers Unix DLT Tape drive Compaq TL 891 Mini-library.

Modified and create backup jobs on Veritas-NetBackup Dell Power Edge 2450 server.


Devon Energy                                                                                                                 

Network Support of users with Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP, Office 9x/2K/XP, Lotus Notes, and Tier 3 applications Manage Remedy tickets assigned by the Call Center, including updating Remedy ticketing system with status updates and problem-resolutions on a daily basis. Configuration and troubleshooting of servers Symantec Antivirus, Norton Ghost, Server setup w2k IIS 5.0 build web servers IIS 5.0 setup web pages, VPN Nortel Install’s

Unix desktop support with windows oil and gas programs.  Peep architecture application integration.

Project Lead for the Design and Implementation of Windows 2000 Active Directory for merged company

Environment: NT 2000, Office 2000 and Office XP, Dell and Compaq servers, laptops and desktop’s

Responsibly: for 3-tier end-user support for 2000 users based in Houston, TX, Oklahoma City,

Enron Corp.                                                                                                                     

Lead a team of 14 MCPs and MCSEs in setting up the staging area, documenting and inventorying all machines. Developed procedures for back up of user data, imaging and configuring workstations and laptops with Windows 2000 and Office 2000, configuring Lotus Notes as well as joining workstations to their proper domains. In addition, lead the team in the set up and synchronization of Palm Pilots with dial in access.

Ensured support for 24 hours after each workstation was deployed.

Given responsibility for integration of Application Architecture. Rebuilt network at new location for Hillman Foods. Built PDC with multiple OS platforms with Win2000 fax solution. Used LINKSYS router and setup firewall. Setup auto fax print solution.

Extensive experience with tape handling, tape libraries and tape rotations.

Supervised major portions of a Windows 2000 rollout at ENRON using Project 2000 for the global migration. Rollout included migration of 8,000 ENRON employee’s units from Windows NT to Windows 2000. Was directly responsible for Imaging 1200 Compaq Deskpro P3 600 units.


HP/Compaq Computer Co.                                                                                                                             

Responsibilities of this position included filling Network and Application requests and assisting internal Compaq employees with technical troubleshooting including identification, resolution, escalation, referral, and follow-up with PC, Network and Application issues.  This included Windows 2000 Server, Win NT4.0, 95/98, VMS and Unix network services. Applications supported were Lotus Notes, SAP, gateways, Remote Access, Tunneling,

Viruses, Communications software, PC configuration, help for Windows, memory management and first line support for client/server applications.  This position was responsible for providing high quality customer support, escalation and follow-up of difficult problems to other IM support groups to ensure timely problem resolution.


Shell Services International                                                                                                                           

Migration Specialist. Performed as a team member of the group responsible for migrating 300 workstations to Windows NT 4.0 operating system. 

Responsibilities included:

Configuring these machines on alternate domains as the server addresses changed.

Upgraded existing Exchange clients and Outlook 97 to Outlook 8.03 that included rebuilding mailboxes and distribution list.

              Installation and configuration of Citrix WinFrame client for remote access use by the SAP development group.

  Performed the role of trainer to 23 people on the correct processes and procedures for converting

  Token Ring to Ethernet in regards to installation and configuration of the NIC cards.


Xerox Corporation                                                                                                                                         

Consultant for the following companies:



LAN/Desktop Technician

Provided third level support of network servers Veritas-NetBackup and desktop/network connectivity.  Support responsibilities included break fix, troubleshooting and installation of new hardware, software and drivers for both servers and desktop PCs.




Deployment Technician

Responsible for installation, configuration and troubleshooting of NT 4.0 Workstation and additional video drivers.  After deployment was completed, assumed responsibilities of installation and configuration of software Veritas-NetBackup.  The primary applications being installed were Faxgate, Rumba, Microsoft Office Suite 97 and Lotus Suite (including the configuration of Lotus Notes).



Pennzoil Corporation

Installation/Configuration Specialist

Configured and tested 80 Cisco 7000 series routers according to specifications provided, assisted in cabling to router closets, built and configured Compaq Proliant 2500-series Servers to run under MS Windows NT 3.51 operating system, used Ghost to create installation images to be used on desktop and laptop hard drive configurations, and installed and configured additional peripheral equipment for desktop PCs such as write-able CD-ROMs, video cards, sound cards, hard drives and upgraded memory as required.


Continental Airlines                                                                                                                                       

Integration Specialist Team Leader

Analyzed network systems to acquire desktop configuration that were currently connected to the network.  Created a desktop standard based on the information gathered.  Upgraded all existing desktop PCs to this standard, which involved processor, hard, drive and memory upgrades.  After the hardware upgrade phase was completed, installed and configured Windows 95 and MS Office 97 with Exchange client for email and Veritas-NetBackup.


Compaq Computer                                                                                                                    12/96 to 03/97

Audio/Graphics Test Engineer, configured and diagnosed video and sound drivers.  Performed stress testing of desktop PCs to discover anomalies in the video and sound drivers.  Installed and configured MS Windows 95, MS NT Workstation, various business applications packages (including MS Office Suite and Web Browsers) for testing purposes.  Installed network cards for online computers.


Network Options, Houston, Texas                                                                                              06/96 to 12/96

PC Installer

Responsible for building, configuring and installing desktop PCs.  Installed additional peripherals such as scanners, modems and printers as requested.  Installed and configured Lotus Notes, MS Office, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 & 4.0 as well as Windows for Workgroups.                  


Compaq Computer                                                                                                                    04/94 to 05/96

Line Auditor                                                                                                                              01/96 to 05/96

Performed random testing of online computers.  Completed hardware and software testing was performed under load.  All included peripherals were tested as well.  Generated reports as to the quality of the equipment tested.



Advanced Diagnostics Technician                                                                                             08/94 to 01/96

Responsible for troubleshooting desktop PCs to board level and performing any necessary repairs to board level. Once repairs were completed all necessary quality testing was performed to insure proper performance.


Assembly Technician                                                                                                                04/94 to 08/94

Built desktop computers in line and cell configuration.


United States Marine Corps                                                                                                       1977 To 1982

Beaufort, South Carolina

Honorably Discharged





San Jacinto College, Houston, Texas

·         Computer Information Systems Service Management - 1987

·         Management of Small Business

·         EAGLE SCOUT 1977

·         MCSE WIN  Anticipated